The Poster "Holistic Chorology" Edited & Published by Tamar Zohar Shir


The Poster “Holistic Chorology” includes 5 maps of hands, that reflect the 4 point of view which interrelate in the understanding of the hand as a whole.

The 4 points of view are: The Esoteric wiew, The Planetary wiew, The Psychology wiew & The health  wiew. As well,  the basic devision of the hand with the lines within is seen as the 5th map.

The Poster- which is distinguish in beauty & quality – has been eddited in the wholistic understandung of chirology, that integrates between the sky mapof the Solar system, to the psycho of man. This is being reflected  in the spirit of the saying: “If you want to study man- go & study the universe; If you want to study the universe, go & study man,  because, that which is above is  that which is below.”  Hermes Tris Magistus, 3rd centuary b.c.

In the spirit of the saying above, The Solar System is viewed, with outhentic photograpgs of each planet that were taken by Nassa .

The fact of  being  a spak of dust out of the whole universe is being expressed by  the backgroung of the Milky way on which the Poster was weaved.

תמר זוהר שיר