Holistic Chirology

When you look at the mirror it seems to you that you’re familiar with the reflected image. You recognize the features in front of you. You even probably have developed a personal attitude towards each part…

But did you know, that the way your thinking is channeled is being reflected in your ear structure, as well as in the shape & quality of your hair, the flow & direction of the headline in your palm & the look of your thumb?

 Do you realize that in the first 90 seconds, of an n innocent social meeting one is being judged? One glance of the eye will do it all… The basic impression is then created &  this becomes the basis of the whole acquaintance. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s well known now that approximately 7% of the mutual influence is passed via verbal communication. The rest- 93% is nonverbal!

Thus- in one handshake- you can get the feeling of kinship or repulsion towards the person in front of you: you can get the impression if that person is an initiative type, dominant, assertive, or whether he is passive, dependent, or closed & it’ll influence your whole relations.

“..The hands, which by their shape & function are deeply connected to the soul, can supply us with the revelations on the psychological uniqueness- that is- the human character”… (Karl Gustav hung). The uniqueness of the hand as a tool that expresses our inner self is because, since the second year of our life, we start to use our hands to express emotional feelings, such as anger, sorrow, pleasure, or affection. The hands play a major role in speech & allow us to express our uttermost deep feelings. On the physiology level- the hand is the functional extension of the brain, with the ability to perform & illustrate its will. They’re the most sophisticated/ advanced external instruments in the human body, that can combine/integrate a mechanical movement with the right rhythm & in the most sensitive, exact way.

On the energy level, the hand is a mirror that reflects the pentagon human model: the 5 energy centers are represented on each finger & in each of the senses. Through the understanding of the pentagram code, we can diagnose the human personality via 3 points of view: Chirology (hand-reading) body language & facial physiognomy.  Thus as an example- following the connection between the thinking center & its representatives- the hearing sense & the thumb- we learn from the ear structure how one thinks…so- big & thick ears will emphasize the mental capacity of that person, especially if the earlobes are long!

We can see now that Holistic Chirology is a method of analyzing the human personality, his psychological& health state of mind. I   developed it, out of these 3 methods. It aims to all therapists, social workers & educators to deepen & enrich their diagnosis & therapy thus making a more fluent & sensitive relationship between the therapist & the patient.

תמר זוהר שיר