Holistic Chirology 2

Chirology– a hand reading method in a modern way, combines ancient knowledge with updated scientific research. This method is being used as a personality diagnostic method, health condition & assessment of the energetic-psychic balance of a person.

The palm is a mirror that reflects the human pentagon template, through which our essence of life is seen, our abilities & inclination are revealed, as well as our frustrations & barriers that block our potential to be fulfilled.

Since we’re living on a threshold of an era that encourages personal expression on the one hand, & binds our mental & health stamina with the feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment, on the other hand, the need to reengage to our soul requirements is growing & takes a major priority in our personal preferences. A thorough hand analysis is aiming towards professional guidance& personal development as well as, awareness of those aspects that inhibit progression.

Body-Language is a non-verbal communication, in which the body is the broadcaster that passes messages within & without, all the time. These messages express a direct & dynamic emotional energy that finds expression in our contact with the environment & with our relations to another & us.

It is a unique reflection of inner processes via body movement & gestures, facial expressions, walking & sitting manner, ways of speaking, etc.

From the energy-level standpoint – the body contains emotional expressions, experiences & traumas from the past, that influence our behavior & attitude toward our life. By observing body formation we can study the main characteristic of personality as well as personal potential, so we can detect the origin of the barriers to readjust & correct them.

Facial Physiognomy– combines ancient knowledge from the Chinese Shien-Meng, the Jewish Kabala wisdom & the holistic energy structure of the human complex. The study of the facial structure (with each of its parts separate) enables instant information about the personality & health condition of the person, thus equipping the therapist with a great tool in his/her therapy.

תמר זוהר שיר