BODY LANGUAGE – Everything is Connected to Everything else

The body is a transmitter of energy and of what we are. It reflects what we feel and process. The content of the mind is reflected through the body by posture, movement, and structure of the body. We are what we process.

It is known that each cell in the body is connected to all other cells by structure and function. In the same way, all of a person’s beliefs, thoughts, and bodily functions are resonating throughout the body through all of the person’s cellular structure… Thus a person’s beliefs, thoughts, mental functions, and personal experiences will be expressed through body language. In addition, the person’s immune system is considered today to be similar to a secondary nervous system, where everything is connected to everything, thus we can see the reflection of a person’s state of health in their external expression as well.

A person’s history can be seen in posture, something which Dychtwald in his book BODYMIND calls frozen history, where if a person has experienced a traumatizing experience, the effects of that will injure cells and tissue structure, creating a weak or hot spot, where if the issue has not been resolved in the person, their body language will form up, and the posture and body itself will form up around that spot as compensation for the damage. For example, raised shoulders in a person’s permanent habitual posture indicate constant fear. This constitutes the psychological view of body language which connects the behavioral signals to the emotional message.

The Esoteric level of body language is to view body language through the pentagram structure. This views the body as an energy transmitter and receiver and as a port for incoming and outgoing energy, and the charge and discharge of energy.

Physiognomy is to some degree fixed, slow to change, the result of both genetic influence and a person’s habitual ways of going on which imprint themselves in a person’s physical features and are indicative of their content.

Movement relates to the person’s responses, by the movement of body and body parts, as he’s engaging in moment-to-moment interactions with his thoughts, internal dialogues, the world, and people around. This is fluid and indicative of where from and how person meets the world. This is to do with the expression of a person’s content.

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